Updated and Upgraded


It's been awhile huh? It's also been pretty crazy. In the last year, we've moved into a new project house and had a baby. You know, a couple of small changes. To say we over estimated our abilities to juggle, is a complete understatement.

Parenthood is hard guys. Especially when you have a business, or at least it is in my case. However, after a year of our new normal, we think we are finally getting the hang of things. So since we had a bit of an update, we thought it was time for a bit of an upgrade.

We have some new things that are quite obvious, such as the new look and the new website. We also have some new things that will slowly roll out. So we hope you guys stick around, cause it is going to be pretty fun. Plus, it's always fun around a toddler, right?


Nicole AbejonComment