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Drew and I met in 2000 back when we were both in high school. Rival high schools. We talked back and forth through AIM and occasionally hung out, but after an explosive summer romance in 2001, it was pretty set that we were inseparable. In 2007, we got married and honeymooned in Barbados. Before Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook was still new, my wedding looked much like every wedding did back then. We started our lives in our regular 9-5's but always remained very creative in projects around our house, gifts for family and friends, and just to keep ourselves entertained.

In 2011, everyone and their mother got married. Our two sets of best friends got married and we were in both weddings. We had just closed escrow on our first home and were still adjusting to "mortgage life". Between the bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding attire, and hair and make up, we needed to find ways to stretch our budget. We decided to bust out an old wood-burning kit and create some personalized hangers for our friends to hang their wedding dresses on. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Our business has grown to something we could never have dreamed up. People constantly ask us what our "five year plan" is and to be honest, we never really had one. It was basically to just see where it takes us. We have loved the spontinaity in projects, the life long friendships, and interesting challenges Delovely Details has brought us.

We recently a new employee to our growing business, Evelyn was born in 2017 and has been the best adventure we've ever been on. She has given us a new outlook on our business, on our "home life", and just how much patience we actually have. 

Sharing, not just our business and products, but also our life is what keeps us going. We never want to be just a person behind a computer. We want all of our customers and followers to know who we are, who they are supporting, and how much we appreciate it all.

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