Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday - Stitch Fix

It's that time again! I haven't had a Stitch Fix for awhile, it's about time!

I asked my stylist for tops that could easily be paired with a pencil skirt or casual pants/jeans. I've got a few potential trips coming up and I wanted some very versatile pieces so I don't have to pack so much.

I think they did a pretty good job!

Pomelo - Indianan Tribal Mixed Material Tee
I really loved the look of this shirt when it was in the box. I even told my husband, this is probably a keeper. When I tired it on, I was a little bummed at the way the front looked. The cut is just a too short in the front for my taste, but I loved the back of it. 

Fun2Fun - Hydrangea Lace Sleeveless Blouse
First look, I thought it was really cute but something I could easily find at a local Nordstroms or Macys. I wasn't all that impressed, but it was definitely versatile. Once I tried it on, I realized how unique the lace pattern on the front of the shirt was. Most lace patterns are simple and delicate, this had two diagonal patterns on it, which I fell in love with.

Daniel Rainn - Lander Watercolor Floral Print Blouse
When I saw this blouse in the box, I thought it looked more like my mom than it looked like me. Once I tried it on, I fell in love! I don't know specifically why I loved it so much. Was it the cut, the pattern, the tunic style? I don't know but I loved it.

Loveappella - Claudia Banded Dolman Sleeve Top
I'll be honest, this top is versatile, but it's just not me. I tried it on anyways and while I didn't dislike it as much as I did in the box, it just didn't do anything for me.

Just Black - Adora Skinny Jean
Stitch Fix has been pretty good about sending me adorable jeans/pants. I think I've kept almost every single pair they've sent to me. I've always had to get them altered. Usually in the thighs and waist but they've always been way too cute to pass up. Then comes this pair, a perfect fit all the way around and I swooned. The color, the fit, the style, I loved it all!

So what did I end up keeping? I kept the skinny jeans and the simple cream lace tank. You can see the whole ensemble in this post here. I wish that first top fit better, and that purple top just wasn't my style. I really really really loved that white/blue top and desperately wanted to keep it. It was a little high in my price range and I couldn't see myself spending that kind of money on a top if I had seen it anywhere else so I had to pass. 

However, I am super happy about my picks and once again, Stitch Fix secures my love. 

If you want your own Stitch Fix, I highly recommend it, you can sign up for it here

Stitch Fixes:

Disclaimer: Stitch Fix has not paid me, comped me, or anything. I just really like this service. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April!

Happy April guys!

Do you ever feel like you just need a "restart"? I am so overwhelmed lately. It's not a bad thing, but it is keeping me from doing some of the important things I want to do. So, I'm using April 1st as a restart. I'm setting some goals for myself for this month and I really hope I'm going to be able to make them happen.

1. I want to blog more. I miss this. A lot. I just always put it on the back burner. I have races, events, and stories to tell. I just haven't had the time to sit down and get them down. I want to change that.

2. I want to make it to yoga once a week. I really don't love yoga, but I do notice a difference in my body since I've stopped going for the past few months.

3. I want to make it to Disneyland a few more times. I know that sounds silly to those who don't live in Orange County, but we have season passes (the fancy expensive ones) and I want to get my money's worth. I need that break too, I need to get out of the house and get to my happy place.

4. Get my orders done! We've been swamped with orders which is a HUGE blessing. I just want to keep working and try and get our lead time down.

5. Changes. There are some business changes I've been thinking about for a long time. When I get ready to act on them, we end up crazy busy and I just don't have the time to work on them. I am so tired of that. I want to put these changes on the priority list and make them happen!

I'm really excited for April, it's a big month for me in general because it's National Donate Life Month which is a cause near and dear to my heart. You'll hopefully be seeing a lot more blog posts about it and I might hit you up for money or to join our team too.

Do you have any goals this month? Any tips on how to accomplish mine?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cream Swag

Today, we are recovering from an epic night. Last night we were treated to an amazing gathering of some of the "cream of the crop" in the wedding industry at The Cream Event.

Last year I was lucky enough to win 2 tickets to The Cream Event in Los Angeles. It was such an amazing, inspiring night. I even found a new favorite band! I was so grateful to attend and it really got those creative juices going for us again. 

This year we knew we had to go. However, that wasn't enough for me. I wanted to be apart of it in any way that I could. Lucky for me, these amazing ladies who put together The Cream Event, Bash, Please put out a call to vendors looking to get into the fabulous swag bags of The Cream Event. Took me absolutely no time to decide that I had to do this. Waiting to hear back for our approval for the swag bags was like agony, even though it was probably not even a full day. I was just so excited. I squealed when we got word that they were happy to work with us! Woot!

Deciding on what kind of swag we wanted to include with our information was a painful process. We had so many ideas, it was hard to decide where to go with them. We wanted to make sure that we represented our main product, hangers, but also show that we are more creative than just those. We are looking to extending our products to include other items besides hangers, but how do we go about tackling this?

It was also a matter of economics, what could we produce quickly, efficiently, and cost consciously yet still wow and hopefully stand out.  We finally decided on this awesome little flags and I couldn't be happier with the decision. We also used our handy dandy tools to cut out hangers and include a coupon code for all those who were at The Cream Event

I am so happy with the final product and how it all turned out. We are still a growing business and we are learning so many things in the process, but at the heart of all this, we want to have fun. Fortunately, that is not hard for us.

So, if we were to sell these flags, would you buy them?

What would you use them for?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Academy of Handmade Award Show

I was so excited to recently become a member of the Academy of Handmade, a community based on the celebration, encouragement, connecting, and acknowledgement of handmade businesses. They were raising money for an upcoming project and with a donation at a certain level, it included your first membership dues. What a great deal!

I've only been a member for a month and so far I've loved it. It's awesome to connect with other sellers via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media venues. I haven't been able to attend any of the numerous happy hour meet ups, crafting workshops, or business seminars but I'm really anxious to do so. They always sound like so much fun!

One major event coming up is their Award Show. Seriously, how cool does that sound?! They are the only awards ceremony honoring the skill, artistry and business savvy of handmade artists. This annual awards ceremony shines a spotlight on those people propelling handmade business forward. Awards are a recognition by peers, therefore only members will be able to vote for award recipients. But anyone can nominate!

If you want to nominate your fave homemade business, you can here! It's 10 dollars for a non-member and it's free for members. I've been nominating some of my favorite businesses and I really hope they win!

You can also buy tickets to the event, which promises to be a lot of fun. It is held in the Arts District of Downtown LA in cocktail attire, and we will be celebrating small handmade businesses all night long! You can get your tickets here. But lucky for you, I have a coupon code for you to use if you want to join us. It saves you 10 dollars off your ticket price, just use coupon code AWARDSSHOW2014 to save!

If you're ready to commit to becoming a member of the Academy and fit the requirements, you can use coupon code FEEWAIVE2014 to save 10 dollars off the membership application.

If you want to learn more about the Academy of Handmade and show your support for people like me, check them out!

Website/Social Media:

Hope to see you at the awards show!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday - Stitch Fix Edition

I haven't done one of these in a while, so I think it's about time I change that. For Christmas, I got a Stitch Fix gift card from my cousin. How cool is that? I love this idea and I was so anxious to cash in my credit and get some cool stuff sent to me. 

Boy did Stitch Fix know exactly how to deliver too. I've said before that shopping makes me nervous, I don't have a whole lot of fun spending hours upon hours browsing places. My friends will back me when I say, when I try something on, I almost instantly know if I want to buy it or not and I tend to not waiver my thoughts on it. So after a season partly dedicated to the extreme shopping (aka Christmas), I don't have a huge desire to go out. 

However, I have a few engagements coming up and I do need something to wear. Here comes Stitch Fix to save the day!

First up is this Burgdorf Diamond Printed Henley Blouse by Fun2Fun. I really love the fit of this shirt and the material was so comfy to wear. The sleeves could also be long or 3/4 depending on your mood so another plus for versatility. The pattern was sort of a miss for me, not a huge fan that the pocket on front didn't match the rest of the pattern.

This Crosby Floral & Dot Print Blouse by Uttam is so adorable and precious, it killed me. The fabric is again, very comfy. Although the fit isn't as loose fitting as the previous blouse but was still comfortable. Kind of bummed that the sleeves didn't have the same versatility as the previous blouse either.

Hold the phone people, because this was a slam dunk. This Colibri Heart Print Blouse by Fun2Fun was it for me. Sold. I love the print, I love the style, the sleeves were convertible, the length was awesome, it was comfortable. Sold.

This Elle Floral Print Dress by Under Skies was so precious and adorable, it was my favorite thing I first saw in the box. My note from my stylist mentioned how she saw a lot of lace pinned on my Pinterest board (remember, they stalk your boards for ideas for your box...WIN!) and she thought I'd like this dress because of it's pattern on the hem. Um...YES!

 Lastly was the Topher Lurex Striped Dress by 41Hawthorn. I love the cut of this dress, I love the chevron pattern, and most of has pockets. That's like finding a needle in a haystack these days. Dresses with pockets just make me swoon.

I can't tell you how on target my stylist Whitney was this time around. However, I actually only kept two items. While I loved all of them, I didn't keep the two dresses because neither one fit properly. Major womp for me because I really loved both of those dresses. They were just too big on me. I didn't keep the first blouse because I just wasn't feeling the pattern and the way it lined up on the pocket. I loved everything else about that shirt except that.

I was so happy with this Stitch Fix, it sort of reinvigorated me with the whole premise again. I can't wait for my next one!

If you want to start getting your own Stitch Fix, you can sign up here.

Stitch Fixes:

Disclaimer: Stitch Fix has not paid me, comped me, or anything. I just really like this service. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Guest Post - Spartan Super Run

So, how about another guest poster today? Some of you might recall me mentioning my first Spartan Race was coming up. I was so pumped. My husband was signed up for the Super (8+ miles) and then we were both going to run the Sprint (3+ miles) when he was done with his Super. Unfortunately, a bad bout of asthma kept us from running the Sprint. Don't worry though, it's been rescheduled. However, my husband's determination was so inspiring to watch. I am so proud of him. I asked him if he wanted to write a short blurb about his Spartan Super experience and he accepted. 

I love a challenge. When a buddy told me about how he had just finished the Spartan Trifecta challenge, I knew I needed to tackle it myself.

First up was the Spartan Super (8+ miles of obstacles). The Gladiator 5K run that the wife and I had done wasn't that bad, and I had just finished a few half marathons. So this should be no problem, right? What was 8-9 miles and a few obstacles really?

Well, I was wrong. To be honest, it was probably the hardest thing I have ever done.While I handled all but 2 of the obstacles like a pro, the hills were another story. I quickly found out how out of shape I really am, and they took a major toll on me both mentally, and physically. Not a good combo. The thing that took me most by surprise was my asthma acting up. I've done 5 half marathons at this point, however I never had a problem with my asthma. I started to feel my chest constrict, I couldn't get a deep breath in, and I realized I don't even have an inhaler with us.

Normally I run with my wife, and we help push each other when we need a bit of a boost. Not having her there was also a big change in my mental game. I had no one whispering in my ear to keep going, and at times, I really didn't want to keep going.

By the time I came down the last hill, I was exhausted and rethinking this whole Trifecta idea. I had no idea how I would finish a Beast run if I could barely finish this one. That was when I saw Nikki, which was like a mirage in a desert with no water. And she even handed me a bottle of water when I saw her, thank goodness.

Seeing her gave me enough energy to finish the last few obstacles and crossed the finish. At that point, I was ready to swear off Spartan races for good.

Immediately following the race, I was convinced that the Trifecta was out of reach, and I was never going to do a Beast. The following day however, that doubt started turning into determination and wanting to push myself harder. I started feeling pretty proud of myself of what I had just accomplished, and didn't want to stop. There were times where I doubted myself with the Super, but yet I finished it. So why am I doubting myself with a beast?

So yes, I will be signing up for the Beast, and the Trifecta challenge is still a go. I don't know who this determined person is, but I love it and I don't want to stop.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Hubs!

Yesterday was the hub's birthday and since it fell on Super Bowl, we threw a Birthday/Super Bowl party combo for the birthday boy. In the morning he played golf with his buddies and then we ate like pigs and yelled at the TV for the rest of the day. It was perfect, and I think he had a great day.

I know how lucky I am to have this dude around. We've been married for 6.5 years, yet we still play and have fun like we are still newlyweds. However, the best part, is that we know each other so well, he always knows what I am thinking or feeling.We still talk a lot, but we don't always have to and we are so comfortable with that.

Did I mention how handsome homeboy is? And he just keeps getting better with age. That smile...::swoon:: I'd go toe-to-toe with anyone who says their husband has a better smile than mine. (At least to me anyways.)

I'm so glad I've spent the past 6.5 years as your wife, even happier that we've been in love for 14 years, and ecstatic that we get to spend the rest of our lives together.

Happy Birthday babe! Hope it was a good one, and damn...31 looks good on you!