Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday - Stitch Fix Edition

I haven't done one of these in a while, so I think it's about time I change that. For Christmas, I got a Stitch Fix gift card from my cousin. How cool is that? I love this idea and I was so anxious to cash in my credit and get some cool stuff sent to me. 

Boy did Stitch Fix know exactly how to deliver too. I've said before that shopping makes me nervous, I don't have a whole lot of fun spending hours upon hours browsing places. My friends will back me when I say, when I try something on, I almost instantly know if I want to buy it or not and I tend to not waiver my thoughts on it. So after a season partly dedicated to the extreme shopping (aka Christmas), I don't have a huge desire to go out. 

However, I have a few engagements coming up and I do need something to wear. Here comes Stitch Fix to save the day!

First up is this Burgdorf Diamond Printed Henley Blouse by Fun2Fun. I really love the fit of this shirt and the material was so comfy to wear. The sleeves could also be long or 3/4 depending on your mood so another plus for versatility. The pattern was sort of a miss for me, not a huge fan that the pocket on front didn't match the rest of the pattern.

This Crosby Floral & Dot Print Blouse by Uttam is so adorable and precious, it killed me. The fabric is again, very comfy. Although the fit isn't as loose fitting as the previous blouse but was still comfortable. Kind of bummed that the sleeves didn't have the same versatility as the previous blouse either.

Hold the phone people, because this was a slam dunk. This Colibri Heart Print Blouse by Fun2Fun was it for me. Sold. I love the print, I love the style, the sleeves were convertible, the length was awesome, it was comfortable. Sold.

This Elle Floral Print Dress by Under Skies was so precious and adorable, it was my favorite thing I first saw in the box. My note from my stylist mentioned how she saw a lot of lace pinned on my Pinterest board (remember, they stalk your boards for ideas for your box...WIN!) and she thought I'd like this dress because of it's pattern on the hem. Um...YES!

 Lastly was the Topher Lurex Striped Dress by 41Hawthorn. I love the cut of this dress, I love the chevron pattern, and most of has pockets. That's like finding a needle in a haystack these days. Dresses with pockets just make me swoon.

I can't tell you how on target my stylist Whitney was this time around. However, I actually only kept two items. While I loved all of them, I didn't keep the two dresses because neither one fit properly. Major womp for me because I really loved both of those dresses. They were just too big on me. I didn't keep the first blouse because I just wasn't feeling the pattern and the way it lined up on the pocket. I loved everything else about that shirt except that.

I was so happy with this Stitch Fix, it sort of reinvigorated me with the whole premise again. I can't wait for my next one!

If you want to start getting your own Stitch Fix, you can sign up here.

Stitch Fixes:

Disclaimer: Stitch Fix has not paid me, comped me, or anything. I just really like this service. 


  1. Those blouses are gorgeous. I love the first and third best.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. Dresses with pockets are the bomb. It's all super cute, as are you! Stopping by from What I Wore!

  3. Great looks, all of them! Love the cute dresses, and the tops are gorgeous! You wear them all so well!

    Wanted to invited you to my brand new Pinterest board for WIWW and WWWW - you're welcome to join us and pin there! Check out my blog post today for more details about how to join us!

    Have a great week! I'm off to Miami today!

  4. Visiting from WIWW...super cute shirts! Especially love the first 2. I have a sleeveless version of the 3rd one! :)

  5. I think you scored with the heart blouse. That is so cute!! I've never tried Stitch Fix because I hear they're kind of pricey for someone who's used to thrift shop prices haha
    Visiting from the WIWW link up!
    Exploring My Style

  6. You may have just convinced me to try it!

  7. love the blouses! I love fun prints.
    Visiting from

  8. I think both of the blouses you got look really good on you! And those two dresses are really cute--that's too bad that they didn't fit!

  9. That last dress is ADORABLE! I will definitely be looking into this service.

  10. I love it all.

    Ruthie @
    Come on over xx

  11. These are all super cute! I might have to give this a try. It's a bummer the dresses didn't fit, the blue one is my favorite one as well. Better luck next time!


  12. I really like the first blouse and the blue dress, it's a pity you didn't keep them.

    I wonder how long it will take something like this to come to the UK!

    Corinne x

  13. This is such a cool idea :) I'm glad it's helping cure your shopping fear! I'm not a big shopper either, but this sounds like fun. Pity I don't live in the US! I'm looking forward to your next installment :)